pamela lloyd-jones


portrait artist
“ Painting and drawing people and places has been both my work and my pleasure. I sold my first picture at 15, and have been fortunate enough to continue to use my special skill as the main thread of my life.

Portraits and Nudes


Teaching, Life Drawing Workshops, and Painting Holidays

I teach my own private classes one day a week in West London, and run regular Life

Drawing Workshops. I am a passionate educator, and delight in the brave novice as

much as the more experienced student.

“To find out more about any aspect of my work, please contact me."

Studio: London, W3 8HE Tel: 020 8993 5697  Mob: 07941 938 466

Pamela Lloyd-Jones

"I have gained a reputation as someone whose work reveals and reflects the

personality of the subjects I draw and paint. It's very important to me that each

portrait or nude is not just a true and lively likeness, but also an artwork in its own

right. It is not just my clients who need to be happy ... I do too. It is also important

that my clients can trust and feel at ease with me so that the whole commissioning

experience is both fulfilling and fun.

I often include framing in my price, as I am concerned that the work should be

presented as well as possible, and will enhance the décor of the home. Costs range

from £400.

It is possible to work from a client's own photographs. While this is less than ideal, I

understand that this is sometimes the only option. The cost is reduced, and while

much depends on the photo quality, I will do as much as I can to produce a creative

art work.”

" My paintings are in collections in France, Germany, Canada, Australia, USA and

Costa Rica as well as the UK. My subject matter and styles are diverse, and reflect

my interests and travels. I trained in Australia, and have done postgraduate work in

the UK where I have lived for a long time. I have had many solo shows and

exhibited in many group shows over the years. I am an Associate Member of The

Society of Graphic Art (The Drawing Society) and The United Society of Artists,

exhibiting in the group exhibitions in Cork St., Bankside and The Menier Gallery.

I love to do large 'statement' works, but recognize the limitations of domestic wall

spaces, so do contain myself in smaller canvases.

I am often commissioned to do 'special occasion' pictures, as gifts, by people who

know my work"

My painting holidays are very popular, a happy mix of sketchbooking, painting, travel

and good company. I have taken groups to Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, France

and frequently to Morocco. 2014 includes a trip to Northern Morocco and to Seville in

the Autumn.”